Full frame camera Canon EOS 6D Mark II is inferior to modern cameras APS-C dynamic range

The image sensors of the type used in CMOS cameras the first year and during that time manufacturers have been able to improve the quality of the pictures, increasing the ISO, reducing noise and extending dynamic range. While full frame cameras naturally held the advantage over cameras with sensors APS-C format, and the new model was better than the previous. However, Canon managed to destroy the system — the latest full-frame camera Canon EOS 6D Mark II presented at the end of June, is inferior to the dynamic range of modern cameras APS-C. This conclusion allows to do the test, published source.

It is noteworthy that with the sensors used in previous models EOS 80D and EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon reduced the gap between the sensors produced by Sony and Toshiba. The new camera in this sense was a step backwards.

Examples of test images is given in the source, as well as testing methodology and the ability to compare test pictures taken with Canon EOS 6D Mark II, with the test pictures taken with other cameras. Speaking from a practical point of view, Canon EOS 6D Mark II has fewer options on the «pulling» detail out of the shadows, and it made the pictures stronger noise.

The source notes that shooting in JPEG will not notice the deterioration of the dynamic range, but those who are used to «prove» RAW will be disappointed, especially given the peculiarity of the operation of the exposure metering system Canon, prone to underexposure of images with bright background. If the resolution of the metering sensor allow to detect faces and adjust exposure settings with this in mind, the situation can be corrected when shooting people, but the camera is incapable of it. The result is clearly visible on the image fragment shown in 1:1 scale. The picture was taken with a Canon EOS 6D Mark II with EF 35mm F2 with the following parameters: ISO sensitivity — ISO 100, aperture — F/9, shutter speed — 1/200 s.

Source: DP Review



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