Fujitsu Semiconductor and ON Semiconductor announce strategic partnership

Fujitsu Semiconductor and ON Semiconductor have announced an agreement under which ON Semiconductor will acquire 30% of the Fujitsu factory, located in the Japanese city of Wakamatsu and processing 300-millimeter wafers. Considering the fact that ON Semiconductor owns 10% of this production, after the completion of the transaction, which is scheduled for 1 April 2018, the share of ON Semiconductor will increase to 40%. As usual in such cases, the purchase must approve the regulatory authorities.

In the second half of 2018 ON Semiconductor plans to increase its stake to 60% in the first half of 2020 — up to 100%. Additional production capacity will allow ON Semiconductor to increase output in response to rising demand, and increase the flexibility of the supply chain.

The original agreement to purchase 10% of the factory was signed in 2014, before she started to produce products (this happened in 2015).

Note that ON Semiconductor has attached great importance to the possession of production — now the activities of the company relies on its own power about 75%, which allegedly allows you to get the best industry cost. Tags:


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