Fujitsu is going to build in BIS memory using carbon nanotubes.

The Japanese company Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor and Fujitsu Semiconductor announced an agreement with the American company Nantero, for many years developing the NRAM memory type. This non-volatile memory with the possibility of rewriting combines the advantages of dynamic memory with random access and flash memory, so it is considered one of the most likely candidates for the role of universal memory.

The agreement provides for the joint development of the non-volatile memory NRAM carbon nanotubes, which exceeds the flash memory at the write speed a thousand times, and life is many thousands of times. Fujitsu Semiconductor plans by the end of 2018 to create a large integrated circuit (LSI) with built-in memory NRAM, and then will come the turn of the NRAM chips as separate products. Company Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor, engaged in contract manufacturing of semiconductor products, plans to offer a release of products with memory NRAM customers. Develop partners memory NRAM will be designed to produce according to the norms of 55 nm.

Source: Fujitsu



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