Fujifilm losses in the result of the accounting irregularities amounted to 340 million dollars

As we already reported, in accounting, Fujifilm revealed violations. Today the manufacturer has published a report devoted to the report of the independent Commission, carrying out the test.

The audit revealed violations in Australian and new Zealand offices of Fuji Xerox. Associated with the organization of inspections and identified violations, the loss amounted to 340 million dollars.

Fujifilm has expressed «deep regret» to shareholders, investors and other parties with interests in the situation. As a first reaction taken organizational measures. Executives Fuji Xerox will be dismissed. The chair Fuji Xerox is the CEO of Fujifilm. For three months he and the President of Fujifilm, will receive a salary, a cut-down 10%.

Sources: Nikkei, Fujifilm



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