Fujifilm is credited with the intention to buy part of the company Nikon

As you know, Nikon has completed the past fiscal year with a net loss of $ 62.4 million dollars. The company’s revenue for the year was $ 6.6 billion, a decline compared to the previous year by 8.6%.

Signs of emerging crisis appeared earlier, so that in the quarterly report Nikon for the first half of last year was said about the need to immediately reconsider views that define the medium-term planning.

Nikon is undertaking a redesign, but this may not be enough — need financial support. According to the source, the Japanese government is considering appropriate action: part of the stock Nikon can buy the company with state participation. Among those who may thus help Nikon named Fujifilm.

Earlier in this context called Sony, but Sony is already supported by another company operating in the market of photography. According to the source, the partnership Fujifilm and Nikon will pursue the same goal as the Sony and Olympus partnership: reduced costs.

The source recalls that information about the possible purchase Nikon appeared in one of the reputable Japanese media in April. Then experts predicted a further deterioration of Nikon, and potential customers, the publication has named Taiwanese, South Korean and Chinese companies.

Source: Sonyalpharumors

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