Fuji Keizai analysts expect that more than 90% of the vehicles produced in 2035 will be connected to the Network

Means of connecting to the Network will be in 29,1% of the vehicles produced in the current year. The presence of this item of equipment will eventually become standard, so that it can be found in more than 90% of the vehicles produced in 2035. This forecast is shared by specialists of the research company Fuji Keizai.

Highlighting the segments of automobiles, requiring the use of additional devices such as a smartphone, and cars with built-in communication modules, analysts note that the second segment will grow faster and displace the first.

In addition to the hardware added to the car equipment, great importance is the development of applications and services built on the use connection. This applies to navigation aid in difficult situations, finding Parking places and other features up to automatic control.

Embodied in the reality of the development at the intersection of the Internet of things and vehicles already have the assets of major automakers: Toyota’s T-Connect, BMW Connected Drive, Ford — Car-Net-App-Connect.

Source: Digitimes


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