FSP Technologies makes a line of power supply products Q-DION separate «sub-brand»

The VX Technologies announced the allocation of the motherboard is a Q-DION in a separate «sub-brand».

Producer operating in the CIS since 2004, calls the creation of a line of products under the brand Q-DION one of their successful projects in this market.

Working under OEM and ODM, the company FSP Technologies has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of power supplies. However, bringing to market a new line of entry-level, she was faced with a situation when I had to inherit the power of the brand FSP, but not to undermine sales of existing products. Seeing the potential buyers of power supply units Q-DION major system integrators and PC, the company has followed the main principles: practicality, sufficiency and reliability. Deprived of opportunities of the secondary power supply units of the new series featured a more affordable price, while maintaining the quality level required for mass production of PCs in a corporate, primary and secondary segments.

The first batch of products Q-DION was limited and was delivered under the small projects, large system integrators, so that the first power supply Q-DION can be found only in finished PC. However, they very soon gained popularity and took its place. At the time of the next downturn in the PC market, the company has made this PSU available separately, offering a quality solution to the budget category, is different from the cheap nameless models.

To date, the manufacturer has decided to give the brand Q-DION the status of «sub» FSP Technologies. According to the company, the products carrying this logo represents «the quintessence of practicality and pragmatism».


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