From SMART Modular ready first non-volatile memory modules Gigabyte GA-N DDR4 memory with capacity of 32 GB

The company SMART Modular, which two years ago introduced non-volatile memory modules Gigabyte GA DDR4-2133, announces today delivery of first modules Gigabyte GA-N DDR4 memory with capacity 32 GB. To date, this is the maximum volume of non-volatile memory modules available on the market. Strictly speaking, supply Gigabyte GA-N DDR4 32 GB has not started yet, but the manufacturer promises to begin before the end of the month. While we are talking about the study samples.

Recall that in the modules Gigabyte GA-N is used, the DRAM, the contents of which, if necessary, is immediately copied to a located on the circuit Board of a module NAND. Subsequently, the information of the NAND can be read back into the DRAM. Operation of the redundancy mechanism transparent to the application, and the modules Gigabyte GA-N is fully compatible with servers and storage, designed for memory modules DDR4. Backup power can be supplied through line 12, standardized JEDEC, or from an external source.

Source: SMART Modular Technologies


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