From MediaTek do not expect the new 10 — or 7-nanometer SoC in 2018

DigiTimes reports that MediaTek plans to focus its efforts on smartphones and system on a chip mid-range, so it is unlikely that the manufacturer will release next year a new SoC according to the norms of 10 or 7 nm.

Sources say that MediaTek has no plans to develop a series Helio X, instead the company will focus on the line of Helio P. this year, MediaTek has already released the Helio P25, then adding a line of modules Helio Helio P23 and P30.

Since last year, shipments of single-chip system MediaTek steadily decreased. Executive Director MediaTek RIC Cai (Rick Tsai) confirmed that the company will focus on smartphones, which will use the system on a chip Helio P.

He also added that in the first half of 2018 is a key technological process for MediaTek will be 12 nm.



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