From February next year in Singapore to buy a new car becomes almost impossible

Often, the more developed in economic terms a country is, the more accessible to its inhabitants are cars. But Singapore is an exception. This city-state occupies an area of only 720 km2, which is almost four times smaller than Moscow.

Given that the expansion to Singapore is almost nowhere (although the area is gradually increasing due to the artificial reclamation), the question of the rational use of the territories is very serious. For this reason, owning a car in this country, where 12% of the area occupied by roads is extremely expensive. Because of the huge number of paid certificates, as well as the presence of not a modest registration fee, even the initial cost of the car several times higher than in Europe or the United States.

But apparently all this did not help. At the moment the country has a quota under which the annual increase in the number of vehicles may not exceed 0.25%. But in February the government will reduce it to zero. In fact, with some reservations, this means that to buy a new car in Singapore will be almost impossible. But it is necessary to specify that, first, it will not apply to vehicles of category C, for which the permitted increase will remain unchanged. Second, zero growth does not mean a ban on car sales. The fact that the purchased for a lot of money (over $ 40,000) permit for car ownership, which also played out as the lottery is only valid for 10 years. Then you need to either buy new or off the machine. Accordingly, any possibility to get a car from those who do not yet own, will remain, but it will be almost isolated cases. Besides, apparently, you can buy only used car.

A zero rate increase will be effective from February next year to 2020. Then the authorities decide whether again to allow an increase in the number of cars. As for the cars of category C until 2021 rate of 0.25% per year will remain unchanged.



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