Frequencies of video card HIS Radeon IceQ X2 RX 570 is almost completely correspond to the model Radeon RX 470

As is known, video card Radeon RX 500 should be of 18 April. All evidence indicates that the first appear model, GPU-based Polaris, and almost all of them will be renamed slightly accelerated versions of the relevant adapters.

This is confirmed by another leak relating to accelerator HIS Radeon IceQ X2 RX 570. This adapter will have 2048 stream processors that are identical RX models 470. The core will run at a frequency of 1244 MHz, and 4 GB of memory — at a frequency of 7000 MHz. It is almost completely corresponds to parameters of the model HIS Radeon RX 470, that is even significantly higher clock speeds to be expected.

As for the card, it will get cooler with two heat pipes and a pair of fans, and need to connect eight-pin power connector.

Radeon RX 570


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