Free Internet from Facebook used by over 40 million people

We will remind, last couple of years, Facebook is actively promoting the initiative the aim of which is to provide access to the Internet two thirds of the population who do not have such.

Despite the challenges faced by the programme, in particular, the ban on service in India, continues to gain momentum, as reported by the Executive Director of Facebook mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) during the last press conference.

According to him, free access to the Network today is used by over 40 million people worldwide. It is worth remembering that in 2014, users were only 3 million people, a year ago, the base grew to 15 million inhabitants of our planet, and in may 2016, it was announced on overcoming the mark of 25 million people. Over the past year the growth of the user base amounted to 166%.

Previously, Zuckerberg said that the rocket explosion SpaceX, which led to the destruction of telecommunication satellite Atmos–6, will not affect plans for Facebook to deploy on the African continent.

According to the latest data, the service available in 49 countries.



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