Fraudsters were able to exchange the old Intel processors on AMD Ryzen

The ability to return products purchased in the online store Amazon was the loophole for the attackers, who managed to exchange the old Intel processors on AMD Ryzen. This became known when one of the buyers AMD Ryzen found that the packaging is quite a different product.

The marking on the Intel processor in the LGA has been erased and replaced with a sticker that simulates the marking of AMD Ryzen. The outer packaging has been opened and closed again gently, and the inner sealed pretty rough, but a cursory inspection without unpacking to notice the intervention is difficult, especially if for the most likely mass in the box instead of the standard cooling system old will be invested aluminum radiator. This took advantage of a deceiver, after the acquisition of AMD Ryzen papakovacsi in box old CPU and sent it back to the store. There the substitution is not noticed, and again placed the CPU into the warehouse, where it was eventually shipped to unsuspecting bona fide purchaser.

Already recorded at least two such cases.

Note that the store not only refunded the cost to those who have described lasciviousness instead of the real AMD Ryzen, but compensate the moral damage of gift certificates.


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