France opened the world’s first highway covered with solar panels

First in the world, according to the source, a road with solar panels available for use in France. The project is in the nature of the test, since the length of the site, equipped with solar panels, is just 1 km. It is located in the heart of the village of Tourouvre au Perche with a population of 3,400 people.

The total area of panels up to 2800 m2 and the cost of the project is 5 million euros. By calculations of experts, daily this site uses about 2,000 motorists. As for the panels generated electricity, it will be sufficient to provide street lighting of the village itself.

The problem of the project that the Normandy region, where is located this way, refers to not the sun. In an average year there are only 44 of a Sunny day. But some reasons for building this phase is where the leaders of the project were clearly.

Anyway, the project is at the moment important by its very existence, since such implementation would produce energy without taking up huge space required for building conventional solar power.


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