France may ban the sale of cars with internal combustion engines in 2040

Yesterday, we learned that Volvo intends from 2019 to cease production of new models of cars equipped with engines only. Thus, Volvo will become the first company fully turned to the issue of hybrids and electric cars.

Now it is reported that France may in 2040 to prohibit the sale of cars on fossil fuels. An appropriate plan was presented by the Minister of ecology of France Nicolas Challa (Nicolas Hulot).

The plan includes many items relating to the environment, and not all of them are at least somehow connected with the automotive market. For the transition to electric vehicles Challa proposes to introduce various financial incentives for buyers. And in this case we can talk not only about the financial benefits for buyers of these cars, but the additional taxes on vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Among other things, the plan includes decommissioning of coal-fired power plants by 2022, reducing the share of nuclear electricity production to 50% by 2025, the completion of the issuance of licenses for development of oil fields and so on.



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