Frameless smartphone Essential Products may get out the camera with a viewing angle of 360°

About a month ago, we reminisced about frameless smartphone Essential Products, which is headed by the Creator of the operating system Android Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin).

Now we have another reason to write about this device, announcement of which should take place in the near future. The official Twitter page was published a new image, or rather the silhouette of a smartphone with a strange protrusion at the top.

Adjust the color, users found that it, with high probability, is the camera. Presumably, this is the front camera, which should protrude from the case when you want to make selfi. Since the device must be equipped with a fully edge-to-edge display on the front panel for it, the place is just not there.

Another version of the camera can be equipped with two lenses that will allow you to take panoramic photos and videos.

We will monitor further developments.



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