Frameless smartphone Essential PH-1 fell $200

Frameless smartphone Essential PH-1 went on sale about two months ago. For the first month, it acquired a total of about 5,000 people.

Then we assumed that the smartphone will be reduced, but hardly anyone expected that the manufacturer will lower the price as much as $ 200 just a few months after the release of the device.

Usually a quick reduction in the price of the novelty indicates weak sales or the upcoming availability of a successor. However, the Essential said that with the sales all is well, just a new pricing policy will allow it to compete more effectively with Apple and Samsung.

So, the new price of Essential PH-1 is $ 499. For those who purchased a smartphone for $ 699, offers a coupon for $ 200 that you can use to buy another smartphone or camera 360 Essential.

While the price is reduced only in the United States, but it is only a matter of time. The company has already confirmed that the smartphone will be cheaper in Canada. Probably later the price will adjust and in Europe.



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