Fractal Antenna Systems offers to use in smart clothing fractal antenna

The popularity of physical activity monitors and other wearable electronic devices augur interest in smart clothing — it is believed that this device category will now replace the usual bracelets. One of the technical challenges on the way to mass smart clothing is to ensure a stable wireless connection. The fact that the proximity of the human body affects the traditional antennas. Especially if the person is moving and sweating.

This deficiency deprived of the fractal antenna, invented by the company Fractal Antenna Systems. Fractal antennas, as their name implies, have the property of self-similarity. As it turned out, this design successfully compensates for the factors tending to change the antenna parameters. In addition, it provides work in a wide range of frequencies. Fractal antennas can be embedded in the fabric and bend with it, while remaining invisible.

The company Fractal Antenna Systems works in the designated area a dozen years and has a key patent No. 7830319. Several developments are in the process of patenting. According to Fractal Antenna Systems, its antenna has already been used by the military, and developers interested in intelligent clothes. Now, in collaboration with Fractal Antenna Systems experts of these companies create custom antenna designs that can be found in mass garments.

Source: Fractal Antenna Systems


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