Foxconn will launch a fully automated factory

The head of the Committee on automation and technical development at Foxconn Electronics Dai Jia-Peng (Dai Jia-peng) confirmed the irreversible robotics production company, which includes several stages.

In the first phase, the company launched individual automated work stations for the types of jobs that are too dangerous for people or that are not very popular.

In the second phase of the created whole production line that will operate without human assistance.

Finally, in the third stage it is planned to launch fully automated factories, which will operate the minimum number of people responsible for logistics, and testing and inspection of production.

At the moment, Foxconn has already launched 10 fully automated lines in factories, who are engaged, in particular, the monoblock Assembly and monitors.

Dai Jia-Peng added that industrial robots will never completely replace people, because we can flexibly adapt and to quickly switch from one task to another.



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