Foxconn to build the object directly next to the Apple R & d centre in Shenzhen

In October of last year we learned that Apple plans to open in Shenzhen R & d centre. The placement of such object is closer to production capacity in theory should improve the relationship between partners and simplify some steps of the creation of new devices.

Will further improve the connection object Foxconn, which will be built directly next to the center of the Apple. It is reported that the Chinese giant seeks to better help Apple in creating prototypes of new products.

Roughly speaking, the object of Foxconn, too, will be a center of research and development, and the location directly next to the Apple center will facilitate the interaction of experts of the two companies.

The Apple center to be built this year, and as the object of Foxconn, there are data on the plans of construction. Given the alleged activity, it is unlikely that the construction will take Foxconn time consuming.



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