Foxconn & Sharp may spend $8 billion in the construction of a factory in the United States

As confirmed in an interview with the Nikkei, the representative of Benq, Foxconn and Sharp at the moment discussing the possibility of building a factory for production of LCD panels, which will be located on the territory of the United States.

According to him, the idea was proposed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SoftBank, it is currently being actively discussed. The decision shall be taken with caution, since we are talking about multibillion-dollar investments. The exact amount in the interview were not disclosed, but sources familiar with the situation claim that the costs of construction of the factory will exceed $ 8 billion.

Representatives of Softbank, who late last year met with U.S. President Donald trump (Donald Trump), they confirmed their intention to invest in the US economy over $ 50 billion and create over 50 thousand jobs. Foxconn also said that it is investing in the American economy over $ 7 billion, calling the same number of jobs.

The factory will produce panels for TVs, but Foxconn, is rumored to also think about to start production of the iPhone in the United States. However, it is unclear why so many new jobs, considering the Foxconn in the direction of fully automated factories.



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