Foxconn managed to enlist the support of Apple and Dell in the bidding for a semiconductor manufacturing Toshiba

Apple and Dell will be included in the consortium headed by Foxconn, the auction for the semiconductor industry Toshiba. This source said the General Director of Foxconn.

Taiwanese contract manufacturer of electronic products also is negotiating with Google, Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Amazon regarding their participation, and the agreement with Amazon is almost reached.

What final bet is going to make a concern known as unknown and the amount which agreed to provide Apple and other companies.

Foxconn did not classify among the most likely winners of the auction due to close ties with China, where the company produces a significant portion of its products. Concerned about a possible transfer to China of high technology, the Japanese government has reserved the right to intervene in the deal for reasons of national security in the case of purchase of the semiconductor business of Toshiba by Foxconn.

Commenting on this point, the head of Foxconn said that in the Chinese capital in the consortium is not represented.

Source: Reuters

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