Foxconn is credited with the intention to place in the United States the production of small LCD panels

Referring to the Taiwanese representatives of the supply chain of electronic components, the source claims that the contract device maker Foxconn Electronics plans to build a U.S. factory for the production of small liquid crystal displays. Allegedly, Foxconn is negotiating with the American authorities.

The company will be designed for a 6G substrate. Its panel of small and medium size will find use in embedded IOT solutions, including the onboard systems of cars, medical devices and mobile terminals.

Earlier, Foxconn and Sharp was credited with the intention to build a U.S. factory for the production of panels for TVs using substrates of 8.5 G, or even the 10.5 G. In other messages in this thread appeared Assembly line of TVs. However, these plans look unrealistic, because the Sharp company has licensed the right to sell the TVs under the Sharp brand of the Chinese company Hisense before Foxconn acquired a controlling stake in Sharp. As far as we know, Foxconn is trying to buy a known brand, but Hisense is in no hurry to part with it. The term of the license agreement expires at the end of 2020.

Source: Digitimes



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