Foxconn and Pegatron have begun to assemble Sony PS4 Pro, Foxconn begins test production of Nintendo NX

On 10 November of this year, sales are expected to reach the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro — overclocked version of the home console PlayStation 4, which in the same month will celebrate its third anniversary.

As reported by reliable sources, to the production of Pro PS4 has already begun Foxconn Electronics and Pegatron, which used to get from Sony the same number of orders for the PlayStation console. However, according to the same informant, this year, Pegatron has managed to get 70% of orders from Sony. In October and November, both companies are planning to ramp up production in order to prepare a sufficient number of consoles to the period of Christmas sales, which is accompanied by a regular increase in demand.

It also became known that Foxconn is the largest contract OEM collector Nintendo console NX, test production of which has already begun. In addition, Nintendo has enlisted the support of Japanese companies Misumi Electronics and Hosiden.

Annually, according to the insider, platformtrading plans to produce about 9.5-10 million Nintendo NX.

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