Found in 2015, a piece of amber for the first time found a feathered dinosaur’s tail

If you review a lot of documentaries and feature films, cartoons and other information about dinosaurs, we can see that almost always and everywhere they are shown naked, that is without any wool or other cover.

Meanwhile, every year scientists are finding increasing evidence that many dinosaurs actually looked different, as possessed and wool, and even feathers.

A couple of days ago the journal Current Biology published an article describing a surprising discovery — a piece of amber frozen in this part of the dinosaur’s tail that is covered with feathers. Due to the properties of amber, part who lived almost 100 million years ago the animal was kept perfect. It is the only such instance. It was bought by scientists in 2015 on the market in Myitkyina (Myanmar) where this piece of amber was already processed and sold as decorations.

The length of the tail, which is millions of years sealed in the resin is approximately 36 mm. Scientists suggest that the tail belonged to a certain very small dinosaur from the group of coelurosaurs. Features of the structure of the vertebrae suggests that it was a dinosaur, not a representative of early birds, and fly he probably could not. But for that very small species of dinosaurs, according to modern ideas, and there were birds. Now scientists believe that the feathers in some dinosaur species served primarily to functions of thermoregulation and also perform various signalling functions.


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