Found closest to the Solar system exoplanet, which is also potentially habitable

Extraterrestrial life may be closer to us than we think. European astronomers discovered the star Proxima Centauri planet. Moreover, the planet is assumed to be in the habitable zone. That is, at this distance from the star, which implies the possible presence on the planet the water in a liquid state.

Of course, this is the ideal, so that the mutual position of the space objects in this case does not mean that the planet does have water. But at the moment this is the closest to our system, «stranger» exoplanet.

It is located at a close distance to parent star (7 million km) and makes a full revolution around the sun in just 11 days. The planet is at least 1.3 times heavier than Earth. It should be noted that Proxima Centauri is a small and cold star belonging to the class of red dwarfs. According to scientists, it is only 1.5 times larger than our Jupiter. For this reason, under such a close distance the planet can be quite livable conditions.

Proxima Centauri, presumably, refers to the star system alpha Centauri is from us at a distance of just over four light-years. Incredibly small by cosmic standards, but still incomprehensible for many people. Although you may recall that alpha Centauri should go tiny devices project Breakthrough Starshot, the way he is and looks too fantastic.



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