Fossil released a few models of activity trackers that looks like a normal wrist watch

If someone thinks that the most productive on the market of smart watches are well-known producers of smartphones, it is not so. The Fossil company, which manufactures a variety of accessories under the brands such as Adidas, Emporio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, Burberry, Diesel and so forth, for the year managed to bring to market a great variety of smart watches, activity trackers and other such devices.

Another addition to the portfolio of the company includes three models of watches under the brands Diesel, Armani and Kate Spade. It all hours with advanced features that look like a normal mechanical watch.

Despite the completely different design and different brands, it’s all one model in different shells. In fact, the company has such a huge number of brands and has led to the fact that Fossil brings to the market a lot of devices.

So, the watch can count steps, calories, specify the progress for the day, to follow the dream, to announce events on your paired smartphone, and by pressing one of the buttons to show the selected time zone. Through devices, you can control the music playback on the smartphone. The setting is done via a smartphone with Android or iOS. The device is protected from water and are available in several design options for each model. Autonomy is stated at six months.

Now model Kate Spade can be purchased for $250. The other two models in the sale have not appeared yet, but their cost should be about the same level.


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