Former Vice President of Google called the iPhone the «end SLRs for most people»

Vic Gundotra (Vic Gundotra), former senior Vice President of Google, to 2014 responsible for the development of mobile devices, expressed his opinion about cameras of smartphones. According to him, devices with Android OS in this area is significantly inferior to the Apple iPhone.

Gundotra explains that Apple itself is developing hardware and software. This allows you to quickly introduce technological innovations, fully opening them in the software.

At the same time, if the manufacturer of your smartphone with Android will add the equipment some of the advanced item, you will need quite a lot of time to access its capabilities appeared in the standard API for all developers. For this reason, manufacturers are forced to install on smartphones with Android own applications, which vary from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer.

By the way, the opinion of the former head of Google, who «left his professional camera» and happy images iPhone, not shared by many members of the community DP Review that talks about subjectivity in any qualitative assessments of the images.



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