Former creative Director of Apple and Huawei Abigail Brody founded a startup Abalone

In the fall of 2015, Huawei has hired former creative Director of Apple Abigail Brody (Brody Abigail), which is engaged in the design of the shell EMUI.

Today Abigail Brody said that she made the decision to leave Huawei and added that after a long period of time when she worked for a large company, Abigail decided to start working on his own projects.

A new startup spearheaded by the Abigail Brody, goes under the code name «Abalone». In your profile, the designer said that Abalone is planning to create the most integrated and creative software platform in the world.

Various sources report that the real reason for departure of Abigail from Huawei were the complexities in dealing with management.


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