Formed Alliance GOTA (German OLED Technology Alliance)

In Germany, a German organization of OLED Technology Alliance (GOTA). The participants were of the company Von Ardenne, Mbraun Inertgas-Systeme and Notion Systems and the separation of the Fraunhofer Institute, dealing with applied polymer research (Fraunhofer IAP).

The aim of the Alliance is named the exchange of experience in the development and production of OLED panels. By joining forces, the partners expect to become providers of turnkey solutions in this field. Members of the organizations also intend to jointly promote their products.

GOTA consortium plans to focus on China, Taiwan and Japan as key markets with great potential of application of OLED technology in lighting, information boards and displays for smartphones, tablets and televisions.

Von Ardenne specializiruetsya on equipment and materials for vacuum deposition. Area of specialization Notion Systems — machines for industrial inkjet printing.

Mbraun Inertgas-Systeme develops and produces solutions for the production, which eliminates the influence of air on the treated surface and the materials used. In particular, the vacuum system and the chamber filled with inert gas or fluids. The company’s products are widely used in semiconductor manufacturing and production of OLED.

Finally, the Fraunhofer IAP for the past two decades explores organic electronics, including OLED, OTFT, organic photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic cell of the perovskite sensors and actuators. The Institute has modern research facilities and experienced robotic production.

Source: Von Ardenne



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