Ford will deal with the transport problems of large cities

Ford was increasingly trying to resemble the major players in the IT market, i.e. trying to engage adjacent areas, not just to produce cars.

The company published a press release in which has told about what will work with major US cities to solve traffic problems. In particular, talking about the problems of traffic jams and assistance to citizens in free movement.

At the moment Ford entered into a contract with San Francisco. First, the giant acquires a startup Chariot, engaged in said city transportation of passengers in a suburban area. Funny, but two years of company’s existence it was used only vans in the Ford Transit, but in this case it is only a coincidence. Thanks to the investments of the auto giant, the Chariot will be released on the new markets already for one and a half years.

In addition, Ford will cooperate with the company to Motivate, working on bikes. Together they will increase the number of rental bikes in the Bay Area of San Francisco and 7,000 by 2018 (as they are now, not reported). Moreover, the bikes will be equipped with various sensors, allowing Ford to gather certain statistics, which can then be used to improve the city.

And, finally, Ford makes the team City Solutions, which will deal with the problems of large cities.



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