Ford teaches cars to warn drivers about potholes on the road

This year Ford is planning to start testing a new system that warns drivers of the defects of the roadway. System that includes cameras and other sensors will in real-time to form on the screen of the onboard computer a special card. The map will show not only the location of pits and potholes, but also the degree of danger and detour ways.

Note that data collected by one car, and sent to the cloud navigation system Ford, then a warning about the defect on the road is shown on maps of the navigators of other Ford cars, appearing on this site.

According to statistics, the poor condition of the roadway is the cause of a significant part of accidents (in Europe — about one third). According to traffic police, in 2016, the number of accidents related to poor condition of the road surface, compared to 2015 year increased by 13.4%, and the number of victims in them — to 15.2%.

Source: Ford


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