Ford invented a simple device that will not allow the driver to fall asleep at the wheel

Almost all passenger car models which came out over the last two or three years, except, of course, the budget segment, equipped with some assistants. Most common tracking system lanes. Often it is combined with a system that is able to keep the car within lanes, if the road is straight or the angle of rotation is negligible.

In addition, such systems are constantly monitored, so the driver’s hands were on the steering wheel. Primarily this is to ensure that drivers are not abused kids, because they are not autopilots.

In the case of trucks is another problem — fatigue. A lot of accidents happens due to the fact that the truck driver simply falls asleep at the wheel. Accordingly, the above-described system will not help him, as the driver’s hands in such cases often remain on the steering wheel.

The solution was invented by the Ford company. It is very simple and is not related to the car directly. This cap called Ford SafeCap. It is equipped with sensors and gyroscopes that track the head movements. A microprocessor with appropriate software determines whether the traffic with the mundane actions of the driver or he begins to fall asleep. Actually, how it works, you can see in the video.

At the moment this is still an unfinished project, however, the proper response of the market it may well turn into a commercial product. Of course, now there are car system constantly monitors the driver using cameras, but their integration in the car is a much more difficult task, and the cost of this solution will be much higher.



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