Ford and Lyft will cooperate in the deployment of self-driving cars

Ford Motor company announced that it intends to deploy self-driving cars together with Lyft. Massive supply of Lyft driverless cars Ford should commence prior to 2021.

Meanwhile, the partners intend to jointly develop software that will allow Ford to communicate with the mobile app Lyft.

At the initial stage of test self-driving cars of Ford will be included in the network of Lyft, but not to the users of the service. Passengers will be able to call only the cars are driven by people. However, over time, Ford expects to provide thousands of Lyft self-driving cars to be used for the carriage of passengers. When an ordinary operation of self-driving taxi Lyft-production Ford is still unknown.

In addition to passenger taxi, Ford is developing a self-driving delivery vans and Shuttle vans. The technology of self-government for cars Ford creates the company Argo AI, which Ford intends to allocate over the next five years $ 1 billion.


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