For two years a fraudster, posing as an Asian company, received from Google and Facebook more than $ 100 million

Large companies often can lose a substantial amount of money or because of some patent claims or penalties of a different kind. However Facebook and Google have lost a total of more than $ 100 million in a completely different way.

According to the source, the story began in 2013 when the idea came to forty-year-old native of Lithuania Evaldas of Ramasauskas (Evaldas Rimasauskas). The essence of the fraud lay in the fact that through the manipulation of email accounts and other aspects, he was posing as a major Asian manufacturer, which tech giants had a partnership.

As a result, for two years the attacker fraudulently made accounting departments of Facebook and Google do a lot of translations on his account to tens of millions of dollars. By the time when it became clear that it was a fraud, the total amount of the transaction exceeded $ 100 million.

The case was not made public, but the source failed to conduct an investigation and find out that Ramasauskas posed as a representative of Quanta Computer.

At the moment the scammer is arrested and is in Lithuania.

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