For three years in Sydney, Australia will completely switch to biometric identification of passengers at airports

What we admired in sci-Fi movies just 10-15 years ago, is gradually becoming a reality. This applies to many devices and services. Here came the time before implementation of the technologies of biometric identification instead of a passport.

And to introduce large quantities of this begins not in the US or Japan, and in Australia. Starting this year, the international airports of the country will start to convert, equipped with fingerprint scanners and iris and recognition systems. By 2020, 90% of passengers at airports will take place through a modern system of identification.

It will make the process of going through various customs procedures much faster and will enhance safety. Ideally, passengers will just go through a special corridor, and the corresponding system independently identificeret person.

The project, called Seamless Traveller, prepared by 2015, and has received investments in the amount of $ 100 million. But it will be implemented starting in the current year. Initially the technology will be introduced in July in Canberra airport for processing passengers bound for Singapore and New Zealand (or these countries). In one of the major airports (Sydney or Melbourne) system will be introduced in November and will conclude in March 2019.


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