For the replacement of the batteries in the headphones Apple AirPods will have to pay even during the warranty

Yesterday Apple finally started taking pre-orders for wireless headphones AirPods that were supposed to appear on store shelves two months ago.

The first sources talking about the beginning of deliveries on 22 December. A little later, Apple has already indicated the start date of a supply on December 29 and is now on the website you can see the words «six weeks» in the delivery dates. That is still this year to buy AirPods will not work.

Whatever it was, the buyers have not yet managed to get headphones, but in the Network appeared the information that may discourage part of the potential audience. The fact is that according to the published warranty policy of Apple, if necessary, replace the batteries in the headphones it will cost $50, even during the warranty! And $50 is the cost of replacing the battery in one earphone.

Apple specifies that the warranty applies to defects of the battery, but not wear from use. Simply put, if the problem with the battery appear immediately after purchase, Apple will replace the item or headphones as a whole, but if using a suspended six months, the battery will simply lose a lot of capacity, there’s have to pay. The same rules are also valid for the charging station headphones.

After the warranty the cost of replacing the battery in one earphone will be $70. On AirPods copertina offer a one year warranty.



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