For the month sales of the smartphone Essential PH-1 bought only about 5,000 people

Smartphone Essential PH-1 was the first media display «irregular shape». Whether used in the office panel Sharp Free Form Display is unknown, but the principle is exactly the same.

In addition, the Essential PH-1 stands out the flagship settings, unusual body materials, not the most typical design and modularity. However, none of this helped the new product to interested buyers.

Reportedly, since the start of sales were sold only about 5000 devices. This is too little for a young company, and its first device. There is an assumption that Essential too long with the start of sales and in the end the market managed to appear strong generation of players.

How will the fate of the company is unclear. As for the smartphone Essential PH-1, it can be expected that after a few months of sales, its price will be significantly reduced.



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