For the first year of sales of smartphones of the Nokia brand will disperse in the amount of 10 million pieces

To return to the mobile phone market Nokia brand can be treated differently. For consumers, «not on» this is the of Nokia, but now on Android. Those who know more, or appreciate the return, knowing that behind him is a HMD company, led by former Nokia employees, or call the new smartphones full-blooded Chinese. And those and others in General, right.

Whatever it was, and by the end of 2017, we already have the ability to make certain conclusions return of the legendary brand. The CDB resource, citing a variety of sources, including analysts, IDC, estimate that since the start of sales in the second quarter of this year in the world was sold about 4 million smartphones and nearly 10 million mobile phones. But fourth-quarter sales are projected to reach 3.5 million smartphones.

To compare these figures with the market leaders makes no sense, but for a start it’s quite a good result. For example, Microsoft before the closing of its smartphone business sold about the same.

It is possible to underline that according to estimates of IDC, the Nokia brand already ranks fifth in Finland and 11 in Europe, occupying 0.4 percent of the global smartphone market.



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