For the first time, SpaceX successfully launched and returned an already used rocket Falcon 9

30 Mar 2017 was for SpaceX is the next significant date. Yesterday (Moscow time today) was launched and successfully planted rocket, the Falcon 9 is already flying.

That is, for the first time at SpaceX has proven the concept of a reusable launch vehicle.

In today’s launch used the same booster, which first successfully sat on a floating platform. But that’s not all. This launch also was the first time SpaceX has returned the nose cone cost $ 6 million. It acts as a protective element and reduces aerodynamic drag. To return the two halves of the cone used engines and guided parachutes. Thus, the only part of the Falcon 9, which is not tried to return, is the second step.

Another important goal of SpaceX is the re-launch of the Falcon 9 after just 24 hours after a previous run. But, given the current schedule runs the company, it is unlikely that this goal is achievable in the near future. It remains to add, today the Falcon 9 into orbit the telecommunications satellite SES 10.

By the way, it’s funny, but just today we reported that the company Blue Origin was awarded the Collier Trophy for the fact that last year five times was launched on the same booster. However, the difference in the characteristics of the New Shepard and the Falcon 9 is so huge that you can compare them from this side will be incorrect.



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