For the first time since the announcement, Apple has updated the Mac Pro, but don’t expect a new CPU or GPU

Apple Mac Pro current generation was introduced in the distant by the standards of the industry 2013. It is unique in its kind solution that combines compact dimensions, low noise, original design and impressive performance, which even after several years cannot be called insufficient.

Perhaps this is the reason of the fact that for many years Apple releases a new Mac Pro. But today, without fanfare, Cupertino giant has updated professional PC.

No new processors or graphics cards and the device is not received. Just little modifications become more productive. In particular, the model for $ 3000 is now equipped with a six-core Intel Xeon processors and a couple of 3D cards FirePro D500, whereas previously had a Quad core CPU and dual FirePro D300 GPUs.

For 4000 dollars you can get a PC with OCTA core CPU and a pair of FirePro D700, whereas previously this amount the device was equipped with as now PC for $ 3,000.

At the moment the changes are not yet reflected on the official Apple website.



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