For the first time Android surpassed Windows in terms of Internet traffic consumed by respective devices

According to the latest report, StatCounter, last month was a turning point for the market for operating systems. For the first time in the history of Internet activity of users exceeded those for Windows users.

If to speak more precisely, the share of Android had 37,93% of the traffic, while the share of Windows — 37,91%. And let the difference is very small, then it will only increase, which once again confirms the modern tendency of transition to mobile devices.

The share of iOS and macOS had to 13.09% and 5,17% respectively.

But if we consider the individual markets, the situation can be quite different. For example, in North America the share Windows, iOS and Android respectively 39,5%, 25.7% and 21.2 per cent. In Europe the share of Windows is 51.7%, while Android is 23.6%. But in China, Android dominates with a share of 52.2%, whereas Windows just 29.2 percent.



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