For the first launch of the carrier rocket, the Falcon Heavy will be involved in two of the booster, which had previously been used

As you know, this year for the first time must be running booster SpaceX Falcon Heavy, which at the time of launch will be lifting most of used now. For example, on low reference orbit (Leo) rocket will be able to deliver 54,4 tons of cargo to Mars and send to 13.6 T.

As announced Elon Musk first launch Falcon Heavy to be held in summer. And two booster packs of three are already previously used to run Falcon 9. Recall a few days ago SpaceX has successfully launched a carrier rocket, the first stage of which had already been used for another run.

However, this decision will have consequences. Because of the high risk the first launch of the Falcon Heavy will be «idle», that is, the booster will not be transported to orbit any payload.

Also it is worth mentioning that the Falcon Heavy will also be reusable booster. That is, the first three stage plan to return, but not the fact that it can happen the first time.



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