For the current year, the holding company of the SK Group invests in the business $ 15 billion

Holding the SK Group, which includes well-known semiconductor manufacturer SK Hynix, announced that its subsidiaries intend to invest a total of approximately 14.7 billion dollars in business development in the current year.

In particular, SK Hynix will invest in the development of a little more than $ 6 billion, and SK Innovation working in the field of oil refining, will be spent on investment of 2.6 billion dollars. It is also known that SK Telecom will spend 9.5 billion dollars in investment, but within three years.

About the first investment we have already mentioned, when informed that the manufacturer of silicon wafers from LG Siltron came under the control of SK Group for $ 531 million.

If to speak about directions, the 9.5 billion holding to invest in the development of controlled companies on the home market. 4.2 billion dollars will be spent on acquisitions of other companies.

16 companies included in the holding company, will hire for the year is about 8200 employees against 200 last year.


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