For smartphones Moto Z may receive the module with E Ink screen, the module with modem 5G and even the module-monitor

Yesterday, Motorola (as the source indicates) held an event, which introduced two new modules for smartphones Moto Z. We wrote about them earlier. This Incipio Moto Vehicle Dock Mod and Mophie juice pack Battery Mod.

At the same event, John Hovannes (John Touvannas), Director of product management at Motorola, told reporters, what other modules can be on the market in the future. Was named products such as baby monitor, module with display E Ink and even a module with modem 5G.

The latter seems very strange even from the point of view of ideas, as network of the fifth generation will come into use soon. But do not forget that Lenovo promised compatibility of existing modules with future generations Moto Z, so that the speech can go not about the output of this module in the coming months, and, for example, with the next generation of smartphones.



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