For SD memory card came up with a new speed class

Organization SD Association has introduced its latest development — the new speed class. It is fixed in the specification SD Specification 5.1.

A new speed class called Class Application Performance. It is intended to indicate the guaranteed capabilities of the card at the parts store and run applications. The SD Association says that the cards marked Class Application Performance can be used not only to store and run applications but also for data storage — videos, recordings, photos, etc. there are two options class designations: full and short.

The first terms of App Performance Class 1 or A1. Card with such a designation needs to ensure that performance is not below 1500 IOPS on read operations random access of not less than 500 IOPS on write operations with random access. In addition, the data transfer rate for sequential operations should not be below 10 MB/s. it is planned to add to the standard and other values of the class.

Source: SD Association


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