FOR Samsung SeeColors allows people with color vision deficiency to see more colors on the screen

Samsung issued a press release on the app SeeColors, developed jointly with specialists of the Hungarian company Elwa.

The app is designed for people with color vision deficiency. That is, for those who are not able to distinguish familiar to most variety of colors and shades. According to a press release, about 300 million people worldwide suffer from some form of this deficiency.

App SeeColors is present in all TVs Samsung SUHD family, since last year. These TVs running Tizen. Also now available for smartphones with Android. However, while for some reason only in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

The software allows to determine the type and level of color vision deficiency, and then to calibrate the screen of the device in accordance with the received data, whereby the user will be able to see a lot more colors and shades.



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