For Galaxy S8 Samsung will release a covers Protective Cover, Alcantara

About the appearance of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 while there are no rumors, but the resource SamMobile got information about line of branded accessories for the new flagship of the company.

Traditionally, Samsung will release a lot of accessories for its new products. Some of them will be familiar from earlier models by the company, some will meet for the first time.

The source speaks about the usual case Protective Cover, transparent cover Clear Cover, LED Cover case View with led display and cover, Keyboard Cover from keyboard. Of the new reported special premium line Protective Cover covers that are covered in Alcantara. This solution earlier, Samsung is not met.

In addition, the Galaxy S8 will get a case with a battery capacity of 2600 mA·h, and multimedia dock. From what source is not mentioned, we can expect at least wireless charging station.



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