For example, Intel CPU Core i7-6500U and Core i7-7500U showed how Kaby Lake superior Skylake performance

Source has published the slides from the presentation of Intel, which will give you an idea of how the Core of the seventh generation for mobile computers will be more productive than similar models of the family Skylake. Were used for comparisons of CPU Core i7-6500U and Core i7-7500U.

As seen in the picture, the superiority of the Core i7-7500U over the Core i7-6500U in the application WebXPRT 2015 reaches 19%. In SYSmark 2014 is also the advantage of a representative range of Kaby Lake, but the difference is less – 12%. In General, Intel says that the advantage of the processor Kaby Lake over the analogue family Skylake is expressed by a two-digit number. However, the difference in frequency, and quite substantial – 400 MHz also on the side of the model Core i7-7500U.

Another slide says that in the fourth quarter of this year, will feature more than hundreds of ready-made solutions on the basis of the Kaby Lake processors with a TDP of 4.5 to 15 watts. That is, these laptops and tablets will use CPU series Core M, Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7. But ready decisions on the basis of top-end processors Kaby Lake (representatives of the HK series with a TDP of 35-45 watts) before 2017 will not appear.

Source: Benchlife



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