For attempting to lock a resource laptop of attacker sentenced to death

Resource had issued a decision which ruled Central Federal district court of General jurisdiction of Novosibirsk in the case of Grinenko A. S., accused of committing crimes under part 1 of article 273 of the criminal code.

The decision describes the history in which «Grinenko A. S., with intent, directed to the use of a computer program, obviously intended for the unauthorized blocking of computer information systems, got acquainted through the Internet with description and principle of operation of the computer program «LOIC (LOIC) («Low Orbit Ion Cannon») (Lo Orbits I. K.), which is designed to increase the load on the site server by sending large number of packets (requests) to it, with the aim to result in the temporary disabling of server is operational and information on it that is certainly intended for the unauthorized blocking of computer data.

Using the above program, Grinenko A. S. tried to block the work of the web-site of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin what ended up knowing the relevant authorities.

The attacker was sentenced to three years probation, a far more interesting was the sentence in respect of «instrumentalities of crime», as he called the court in its ruling, the laptop Grinenko A. S.: «Laptop «Samsung» in the body of gray color with charger which is in the storage of physical evidence is destroyed.»

How will be executed the death penalty of the laptop, behind the scenes.


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